The Lions improved their odds of winning the Super Bowl after the draft, but probably not enough for us to place any bets.

Despite all of the criticisms from fans, Vegas odds makers actually increased the chances of a Lions Super Bowl in 2020. Mlive reported that Bet Online increased the Lions odds from 80 to 1 before the draft to 60 to 1 after the draft.

Don't get too excited though. The Lions are still in the bottom five of the NFL when it comes to Vegas odds.

I'm not sure why this would come as a surprise to any Lions fan considering we haven't even won a playoff game since 1992.

There are plenty of odds makers in Vegas who don't agree with the increase though. Vegas Insider still has the Lions as a 100 to 1 shot to win the Super Bowl, and even more depressing they are dead last when it comes the NFC Championship game.

I'm not a fair-weather fan, and will still be rooting for the Lions this year. I just want to make sure nobody runs out and bets the house due to the odds increase. We'll be lucky to make the playoffs, much less a Super Bowl win.

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