Genesee County is getting some big money from the Feds to fix the roads, but not everyone can agree on where it should be spent.

$277 Million seems like a ton of money to most of us, but it isn't nearly enough to fix all of our road issues in Genesee county. The planning commission held a meeting this week to unveil the projects, and not all of them were met with cheer.

Below is a list of projects slated to begin late this year, and lasting through 2023. If you would like to see the active map of projects in Genesee County, you can click here. While you're on the map, you can also leave comments pertaining to the upcoming road projects.

  • Fixing the bricks on Saginaw St in downtown Flint
  • I-69 Ramp work throughout the Genesee County corridor
  • 10 bridge repair or replacement projects in Genesee County
  • Roundabout at Flushing & Pierson Roads

Nobody will argue with the first three projects, but the roundabout has caused a stink in Flushing.

Despite all of the research showing that roundabouts are safer, and make traffic move quicker, people still don't like them.

I'll never understand the people that don't understand how a roundabout works. The concept is so simple, but every time I drive through the roundabout at Bristol and 75 there is someone gripping their wheel in a panic.

No matter what side you are on, you can leave your comments on all of the proposed projects here.

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