UPDATE:  A press conference was held yesterday (4/30) revealing more details about the case and the suspect's identity. That update is here.

A teacher in the Davison School district has been arrested and is being held in the Genesee County jail.

Although the identity of the teacher and the nature of the arrest have not been officially released, a parent's Facebook page alleges that a high school teacher has been accused of attempting to look at other patrons at a Clio tanning salon. The page suggests that police arrested the man and that he was taken from the facility in handcuffs.

We've chosen not to link to the parent's Facebook page at this time because it pictures a man who may or may not be the suspect, and the allegations presented have not been substantiated.

In a communication with parents Monday evening, the district did not identify the teacher but said (s)he has been placed on leave and will not be allowed on school grounds during the investigation.

The district goes on to say that they will cooperate with Genesee County authorities during the investigation and will share more information when it becomes available.

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