Chalking tires has been deemed "unconstitutional" by a federal court, and it all started here in Michigan.

A Michigan woman took her case to court when she received 15 parking tickets over a period of three years from a single officer with the city of Saginaw. Her lawyer said that chalking her tires is akin to being searched without a warrant, which goes against the Fourth Amendment.

The court's decision affects all of Michigan as well as Ohio, Kentucky and Tennessee.

So, the city of Owosso has implemented a "live tire" system to ticket parking offenders. It'll be used through a handheld device that records the license plate and the valve stem location on the tire...without ever touching the car.

Based on the timestamp and the location of the valve stem, the officer can issue a ticket. The bottom line is this - don't mess around with Owosso parking laws right meow.


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