Looks like another business that survived everything ELSE just couldn't survive COVID-19.

The last video rental chain the United States and Canada is feeling the effects off the coronavirus shutdowns - two local Family Video stores are shutting their doors for good.

The locations at 3822 Fenton Road in Flint and 1047 E Main St. in Owosso are both permanently closing.

Family Video was founded in Illinois in 1978; they have over 400 locations across the country with most of them being in the Midwest. They expanded their brand into Canada in 2012. When Blockbuster went belly-up in 2013, Family Video became the last video-rental chain in the country.

How did they survive the digital revolution, you might ask? It's simple - the company ventured into real estate and actually owns all of the buildings that they occupy. They also teamed up with Marco's Pizza, a chain restaurant headquartered in Ohio, to serve pizza at some of their locations.

As for the Owosso store, their last open day will be October 16th and you can no longer rent videos at this time. As for the Flint store, there is no official closing date yet other than sometime in mid-October. Everything at both stores is for sale with prices as low as $1.

There's been no official announcements on their social media pages.

This is such a bummer. Family Video was always that beacon of hope for making it through tough times. According to my Facebook search, there are MANY other stores in other states closing, too.

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