"Period poverty" is a real thing and a real problem, and Amber Pollock is doing her best to help.

Pollock, who lives in Belding (just NE of Grand Rapids), was stunned to find out that one in five U.S. teenage girls has had to leave school at some point because of a lack of feminine products.

She started collecting feminine hygiene products in Ipsy bags. Ipsy is a monthly subscription service that sends make-up products to its customers, so Pollock started calling it the "Ipsy Project."

Last week, she donated some of her "Ipsy Giveback Bags" to a Belding elementary school. If you'd like to help, you can donate HERE at her GoFundMe page. You can also follow her mission to help out young women on her Facebook page.

She's already received donations from as far away as Hawaii. Great work, Amber!

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