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Not that it needs to be said, but Michigan's number of COVID-19 cases is skyrocketing, just as the experts predicted. Flu season is upon us, and people aren't spending as much time outside with the cooler temperatures and coronavirus restrictions. In fact, the state set a record yesterday for new daily confirmed cases with a whopping 8,516.

Needless to say, our local hospitals are nearing capacity and healthcare workers are completely exhausted.

With the holidays approaching quickly, Mrs. Andrea Wilkerson, a teacher at Reid Elementary in Grand Blanc, has started to collect cards to give to healthcare professionals and patients at local hospitals.

In an email, Mrs. Wilkerson said:

I received an email today from the mom of a former student who is a nurse at McClaren. She said many of the patients are very lonely and it will only get worse over the holiday season. She has asked for kids to make holiday cards/pictures/decorations for the patients. I am going to put up a collection bin under the awning at the entrance to the West High School (on Jewett Trail) labeled “Holiday Cards for Hospitals” where you can leave cards and homemade artwork. If we get an abundance of cards/pictures/decorations they will also be distributed to Hurley, Genesys and local nursing homes and rehab centers. We will distribute Thanksgiving ones first, and then December holidays after that. I think it would be nice to make some cards for staff members, also. They are all feeling extremely strained and don’t feel as supported as they did in the spring. They are feeling hopeless and starting to crack, truly. (My sister works at Owosso Memorial and I am worried about her.)
Thanks in advance!
Cards can be dropped off in the bins outside the doors at the main entrance of Grand Blanc High School.


Mrs. Wilkerson (GB teacher) is collecting holiday cards to give to 🏨 healthcare workers and 😷 patients in local...

Posted by Grand Blanc Community Schools on Friday, November 13, 2020

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