"Life decided to throw another curve ball," the Facebook post from Meteorologist Ahmad Bajjey began.

The Mid-Michigan Now weather guru wasn't talking about a blinding snowstorm or this weekend's frigid temperatures. Bajjey and his wife took their 22-month-old son to the Emergency Room on Friday (1/14) after a "scary evening" at home battling COVID-19. Luke's symptoms were severe enough that he was sent immediately to Hurley Children's Hospital for further treatment.

Bajjey praised the staff members who have been overwhelmed for the past two years.

"The nurses and doctors are amazing. Heroes, each and every one of them. They're exhausted but they keep going. They're definitely getting coffee and snacks from me this week."

The Facebook post was flooded with support from viewers who passed along prayers and well wishes for the family. (And as you'd expect, at least one 'bad apple' who attempted to hijack the Facebook thread with hateful rhetoric.)

By the end of the day on Friday and after consulting with the infectious disease doctor who was on call that day, the Bajjeys were able to see some improvement in their son's health.

"Some strong specialized treatment, lots of fluids, and we are at least able to be home now. It's still nasty, the worst sickness I've seen in this house, but we have at least reached the "don't need the hospital" level," he noted in a post Friday night.

Bajjey heaped more praise upon the dedicated staff at Hurley, thanked the hundreds of people who lifted prayers and showed support, and made a plea for everyone to stay safe.

"Most important, keep an eye on yourselves. This isn't a joke. This stuff is real. It's real and it put my 22-month-old son in the hospital. Stay safe, protect yourself, so that we can finally be done with this awful awful virus."


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