First, they made cars and trucks. Now, they make ventilators and face masks.

General Motors has pledged to donate 2 million masks to Michigan public schools; particularly those in the metro Detroit area.

“This is great news for our students, educators and support staff who need access to face masks to protect themselves and their families,” said Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer. “Until there is a vaccine, it’s crucial that all Michiganders continue to mask up, and we are working around the clock to ensure everyone has access to a mask. I am grateful for GM’s partnership and dedication to protecting our students and educators during this time, and I look forward to working with everyone who wants to help us provide masks to our most vulnerable populations.”

The company started making masks back in March at their plant in Warren and also started creating ventilators to help with the COVID-19 pandemic. To date, they've delivered 30,000 ventilators to the Strategic National Stockpile, which were then distributed to hospitals in need.

Ford has also completed its 50,000-ventilator creation quota. More than 10 million face masks were created during the pandemic at the plant in Warren.

And the company's charitable efforts don't stop here in the mitten state - 105,000 disposable face masks were donated to schools in St. Charles County, Missouri, that were made at their Wentzville Assembly Plant.

Masks are going to be KEY for schools to reopen in person, and it's great that a Michigan-made company is getting in on this to keep our kids safe.

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