Every Detroit Pistons fan has a special place in their heart for "The Captain", Isiah Thomas.

"Zeke" was the face of Pistons during the Bad Boys years that brought back to back NBA Championships to Detroit. He played in an NBA much different than the NBA we see today. The game was tough, emotional, and created some of the best players we will ever see.

Isiah is one of the top point guards in NBA history, and arguably one of the best 10 players of all time. He played with every bit of his physical, mental, and emotional ability every time he hit the court.

The emotional side is what got Isiah into trouble at times though. If you were a Detroit fan, you love Isiah unconditionally (which I do) and if you were from anywhere else, you hate him.

His rivalry with Michael Jordan eventually lead to him being left off the of the original USA Basketball Dream Team.

Say what you want about Isiah, I don't care, and he probably doesn't either.

Even with all of the players that have come after him, if I am starting a team today, my starting point guard will wear number 11.

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