Genessee County Sheriff Robert J. Pickell came into the studio earlier today to discuss a rather tough week as word came down that budget cuts will eliminate the Sheriff's Posse drug team.

Pickell said his department will lose "30 people" which includes "23 who work in the jail." He added that he and Under Sheriff Chris Swanson are looking at ways to compensate for the cuts including "the possibility of working 10 hour shifts four days a week."

Pickell also said an alternative some in the county are considering include suing the county, but that's something he hasn't even considered saying "why would I do that to the taxpayers when they are the ones who put me in this job."

The Genessee County Board of Commissioners are facing a $17.6 million deficit in the next budget cycle which begins October 1st. They have gotten it down to about $5.5 million by making 15% cuts in all departments including the Sheriff's.