Suburban Indonesians have vowed to boycott purchasing Ted Nugent’s music after video surfaced of comments he made at last weekend’s NRA convention urging support for Mitt Romney in the upcoming presidential election.  Nugent suggested that if President Obama were re-elected this fall, the United States might as well be a “suburb of Indonesia,” as though that were a bad thing.


According to Sneptha Prekesh, organizer of the boycott: “For too long the Motor City Madman has taken suburban Indonesia for granted.  Now this.  The Nuge has gone too far this time.  ”

A spokesman for Nugent shrugged and noted that suburban Indonesia accounts for less than one third of one percent of sales from the Nugent catalog available on itunes.  (Although he did concede that a disproportionately large percentage of “Cat Scratch Fever,” downloads do come from suburban Indonesia.)

Although not as well organized, stoned hippies were also upset.  Said one, “Not cool, Nuge…”

Dr. Psarcasm

“Remember, the ‘P’ is NOT silent.  Seriously.”

(Dr. Psarcasm is not a real journalist.  Unless real journalists make up fake quotes for fake news stories.  Then he is.  This fake news story is for entertainment purposes only.)