One of the things I enjoy is arguing with the frothing left.  I stumbled across a rich vein of particularly foamy specimens at Mother Jones, commenting on Ted Nugent.  I eagerly joined the fray.  Below is the response with which I am most pleased.  After a bit of back and forth in which I’d whipped out Bill Ayers' plans as part of the Weather Underground to kill 25 million Americans, I received a reply to the effect that this was 40 years old and irrelevant compared to Uncle Ted’s recent gaff:

“I think you’re right; Ted Nugent will be more relevant in the upcoming presidential election than Bill Ayers.  First, Ayers brings nothing to the table for the President, who already has the fringe kook left vote sewn up.  And those like me who find the President’s association with this mass murdering wannabee troubling aren’t voting for Obama anyway.  (Give me a break; the McCain campaign never touched this issue!)  Most importantly, this will be irrelevant because the President has done enough damage that this WILL be irrelevant.  People whose business it is to help get Romney elected, and know how these things work, understand this.  Karl Rove endorsed Bill Kristol’s recent editorial in the Weekly Standard just this morning on Fox News Sunday; the battle is for the independents who voted for Obama last time, but have become disenchanted.  There’s plenty to be disenchanted about without suggesting they made a mistake last time around, or “rubbing their nose in it.”  In other words, this election will be about the President’s promises and his record.

Musically speaking, the Motor City Madman’s relevance probably peaked with 1978’s Double Live Gonzo, and more or less concluded with 1980’s Scream Dream, featuring “Wango Tango.”  Politically, he is relevant because he speaks to the NRA folks who aren’t sure they’d be any better off with Romney than with Obama.  They’re fed up with politicians, fed up with smooth talkers who don’t change anything.  They are NOT waiting for the order to FIRE, much as many of the august contributors here might wish; rather, they’re worried about the direction the country is headed in, and they are not convinced a Romney presidency will make any difference.  Ted Nugent, in his special gonzo way (I say gonzo, you say buffoonish; toe may toe/toe mah toe), would convince them that it does make a difference.  Is that appealing to everyone?  No.  It doesn’t have to be.  Will it hurt?  Probably not.  Most people will shrug this off.  The Secret Service isn’t in the habit of dismissing real threats, and they’ve moved on.

Yes, Bill Ayers is now a respected educational theorist and a member of the leftie elite in Chicago.  If you’d like a more relevant left wing threat, how about the New Black Panthers?  These folks aren’t hyperbolic aging rockers; they mean business.  It’s curious that the mainstream left refuses to denounce such threats, or even distance themselves from them.  When their comrades turned a blind eye to the murder of a friend by the original Black Panthers, David Horowitz and Peter Collier began to examine the group think of the new left, a group think they shared.  (They were also dismayed by North Vietnamese behavior after chasing us out, and by the willingness of their comrades to make excuses for the resulting atrocities.)  This examination is documented in a very good book: Destructive Generation.  I highly recommend it.”

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