Ted Nugent

Discovery Won’t Air New Episodes of Ted Nugent’s ‘Gun Country’
In addition to a number of television episodes from the likes of 'Haven' and 'Family Guy,' we weren't surprised to see that Discovery opted not to renew its firearm family series 'American Guns,' given the aftermath and national discourse raging from the terrible Sandy Hook Elementary massacre. Now, it seems another of Discovery's 2nd amendment series - Ted Nugent's 'Gun Country' - has been pulled
Adventures in La La Land: Ted Nugent & Mother Jones
One of the things I enjoy is arguing with the frothing left.  I stumbled across a rich vein of particularly foamy specimens at Mother Jones, commenting on Ted Nugent.  I eagerly joined the fray.  Below is the response with which I am most pleased...
Ted Nugent’s Comments to NRA Upset Suburban Indonesians
Suburban Indonesians have vowed to boycott purchasing Ted Nugent’s music after video surfaced of comments he made at last weekend’s NRA convention urging support for Mitt Romney in the upcoming presidential election.  Nugent suggested that if President Obama were re-elected this fall, the United States might as well be a “suburb of Indonesia,” as though that were a bad thing.