In addition to a number of television episodes from the likes of 'Haven' and 'Family Guy,' we weren't surprised to see that Discovery opted not to renew its firearm family series 'American Guns,' given the aftermath and national discourse raging from the terrible Sandy Hook Elementary massacre. Now, it seems another of Discovery's 2nd amendment series - Ted Nugent's 'Gun Country' - has been pulled from the network, but is it a reaction to last week's tragedy?

Debate continues to spread across the country how best to react in the wake of the recent Newtown, Connecticut shootings that ended 28 lives, but has Discovery taken yet another step with its programming? Earlier this week we heard Discovery opted not to renew hit series 'American Guns' for a third season, following public outcry on the show's Twitter and Facebook pages, despite the network's insistence they made the decision independently. Has Ted Nugent's 'Gun Country' followed suit?

The original October airing of 'Gun Country' saw the famously conservative rocker exploring American gun culture, and garnered 864,000 viewers. At the time, Nugent expressed that Discovery plotted to film twelve episodes a year, though Discovery referred to it as a "one-hour special." Yesterday, Discover clarified further calling it a "standalone event."

In addition to the discontinuation of 'American Guns,' Discovery has also ceased airing re-runs of 'Sons of Guns.'

What say you? Is Discovery making a move to discontinue pro-gun series like Ted Nugent's 'Gun Country' as a reaction to the Sandy Hook tragedy? Are TV networks making the right move in altering their programming?

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