Trust us when we say that you do NOT want to miss this fundraiser.

Looking for plans tomorrow night? Well, look no further than the Queen of Kings All-Male Beauty Pageant. Male public figures, dressed in drag for your enjoyment...and for the Food Bank of Eastern Michigan.

I was one of the contestants in 2016 and YES, it's as much fun as it looks. This is the fifth year that the Windmill Women's Circle has championed this event.

WHERE: Food Bank of Eastern Michigan's banquet hall, 1939 Howard Ave. in Flint

WHEN: Saturday, October 26th at 7 PM

HOW MUCH: $10 at the door

$10 can provide up to 60 meals for the food bank AND you get to watch guys prance around in drag. It's a win-win situation.

Good luck to all the queens of kings tomorrow night! I'll be there as your emcee, so stop by and say hi,



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