The Oxford community is still trying to come to grips with the devastating school shooting that took four lives last week.

While there are so many fundraisers and GoFundMe pages for the families, one local business decided to do things differently.

In less than a week, Sick Pizza Company in Oxford has gone above and beyond for the mourning community. They donated pizza after pizza to help raise money for the victims' families. When we say they went above and beyond, we mean they went beyond everyone's expectations. The business knocked it out of the park and donated more than 2,300 pizzas with its fundraising campaign and managed to raise nearly $100,000. That is freaking amazing.

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Co-owner Scott Taylor and his crew worked nonstop making small pizzas for customers. But instead of charging their customers for the pizzas, they took donations instead.

The restaurant’s efforts attracted the attention of Lt. Gov. Garlin Gilchrist, who stopped by Sick Pizza Co. to recognize Taylor and his team for their contributions to the families of the students who died in the shooting.

Taylor and his team had to stop making pizzas because, well, they ran out of everything. He said they ran out of dough, pizza sauce, cheese, and everything needed to make those pies. Not to mention all the supplies that were donated by local vendors and restaurants.

While they are no longer making pizzas for donations, they are still, however, taking donations via Venmo (@scott-taylor-305 with the last four digits - 2552) and in person at Sick Pizza Co.

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