When you can't have pizza or bagel days because of the pandemic, you've gotta spend the money somewhere, right?

Planet Fitness gyms have become famous for many reasons - they're affordable, their locations are plentiful and they and consider themselves a "judgement-free zone."

And then, there's PIZZA MONDAYS. Yes, they are "the gym" that gives pizza to its members on Mondays.

According to their website, Pizza Mondays started back in 1999 at a location in Concord, New Hampshire. The gym was without hot water for a few days, yet their members still came to workout. As a "thank you," the founders ordered pizza for their members, and it's a tradition that stuck. Now, Planet Fitness locations offer pizza to its members on the second Monday of every month.

Pizza Monday, along with Bagel Tuesdays, are a couple of the reasons that people love this gym chain - what other gym would serve you CARBS as a "thank you" for being a member?

However, the pandemic has changed things a bit in every aspect of our lives, including Pizza Mondays and Bagel Tuesdays at Planet Fitness.

Since they can't provide food for members at the moment, the gym chain is taking the money that's allotted for those two days every month and donating it to local food banks, including here in Michigan. Our local Planet Fitness locations are donating their funds to the Food Bank of Eastern Michigan, which has seen a 95% increase in requests for food during the pandemic.

It speaks volumes that, instead of pocketing the money they're saving, they're giving it to local food banks. Well done, PF.

courtesy of Planet Fitness
courtesy of Planet Fitness


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