Asher's 2nd cousin Ryker had to come here so he spent some time with Asher. This is the cutest picture ever! These boys are fighters! Now they can play Roblox together too ❤❤

Posted by Asher's army on Monday, September 21, 2020

Asher has a long road ahead of him, but he's got an army of supporters behind him.

5-year-old Asher Buzzard was getting ready for his first day of kindergarten last month in Bay City when he spiked a fever. His mom, Melissa, was terrified that it was COVID-related, so she took him to the ER.

“As they were doing more tests, they came back to tell me that something was really wrong with his platelets and that his white blood cell counts were 305,000 and his potassium was extremely high and he started crashing on the table at Covenant," Melissa told the folks at ABC 12. “The doctor pulled me into another room to tell me that all my worst fears had happened: It wasn’t COVID, it was T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia.”

She and her husband had to quit their jobs to shuttle Asher to and from Ann Arbor several times per week for treatment. She started a Facebook page called Asher's Army to keep family and friends updated on his health, and that's when the donations started coming in.

You guys are all amazing and to see my community come together for Asher melts my heart. I cannot thank you enough for...

Posted by Asher's army on Sunday, October 4, 2020

The Buzzard family started to receive meals and gift cards. And then, there was a taco dinner fundraiser on Sunday to raise funds for transportation for the family and money for his medical bills. The food was donated by local restaurants and Taco Bell; local businesses also donated quite a few raffle items.

If you'd like to help out Asher, click HERE for their GoFundMe page.

Love seeing a village come together for a child here in Michigan!

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