We could all use a little bit of Sweet T today, amirite?

Full disclosure: all babies are cute. In fact, I loathe the idea that Gerber has to CHOOSE, from millions of submissions, which baby is the cutest to represent their company. However, that doesn't change the fact that they're looking for a new Gerber baby, so I'll play along.

Dear Gerber: here's your next spokes-baby. You're welcome.

courtesy of Alisha Evans

Her name is Tallulah Bellamy-Faye. She was born last year on April Fool's Day, and I can't even with this little lady. She's a native Georgian so, being a southern girl, they call her "Sweet T" for short.

No, that's not an actual Cabbage Patch doll - that's Tallulah in all of her sweet glory.

courtesy of Alisha Evans

That smile is ridiculous. The cuteness is killing me.

courtesy of Alisha Evans

And here's Tallulah, having an important conversation with a unicorn, because they're both magical.

courtesy of Alisha Evans via Moments By Candice Photography

And here's a snapshot from when she was a wee bit smaller. If this was an advertisement for apples, I'd buy ALL of them.

They call her "princess" at daycare because she's a proper lady who always crosses her legs. She also loves to steal her brothers' chicken nuggets and Cheetos because why should they have all the fun?

Anyways, thank you for hearing me out. Special thanks to my friend from college, Alisha, for allowing me to share this gorgeous girl. C'mon, Gerber, just email her mom and call it a day.

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