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Ladies and gentlemen, you will NEVER find a sweeter, more mellow kitten than Garnet. He's about 6-months-old and came to the Humane Society of Genesee County with some eye problems. One of his eyes was swollen shut; they sent him to the West Flint Animal Hospital to have entropion surgery (where the cat's eyelashes are turned in towards the eyeball).

As you can see from the before-and-after pictures, it's been about three weeks since his surgery and he's healing up very nicely. He looooves to play, and he also likes to cuddle. A lot. If you get down on the floor with him, prepare for some serious snuggles. And, as a former kitten owner (my cats are all grown-up now), I can tell you that he's not quite as crazy as most kittens can be.

His adoption fee is $100. If you'd like to meet Garnet, you can call the HSGC at 810-744-0511 and make an appointment. Please indicate that you'd like to meet Garnet; two people are allowed in for an appointment at a time and masks are required.

If you have other pets, the HSGC requires a meet-and-greet with your other animals in a separate appointment.

Let's get this sweet little guy into his furrrever home as soon as possible! It was so hard not to stuff him in my purse and run when I visited. Make him yours!

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