Students at a Georgia high school will likely start their first day back wondering if they should have included a bulletproof vest on their supply list, as police say they are still searching for a man who showed up on campus last week with a loaded gun.

The situation occurred last week at Towers High School in Decatur, when Principal Donevin Hoskins asked a man to leave the premises after watching him display some rather suspicious behavior during an open house event.

Once outside, the man dropped a skull cap on the ground and, according to Hoskins, there was a loaded 9-millimeter pistol tucked inside of it.

The police report indicates that in an attempt to gain control of the gun, Hoskins began fighting with the man, causing him to eventually take off on foot away from the school.

Parents who were on hand enrolling their children say that the principal’s actions were “heroic on his part” and that they would never have expected an incident like this to occur because it was “at an open house.”

Although police say that school cameras captured footage of the man walking around the hallways after the open house, they have not identified him.


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