In the latest development in the Flint Water Crisis, more emails reveal that the State of Michigan was sending bottled water to a state building in Flint way back in January of 2015. Just to be clear, that's one year before Governor Snyder finally declared a state of emergency.

Progress Michigan obtained an email from Michigan's Department of Technology, Management, and Budget from January of 2015 that reads as follows:

"While the City of Flint states that corrective actions are not necessary, DTMB is in the process of providing a water cooler on each occupied floor, positioned near the water fountain, so you can choose which water to drink. The coolers will arrive today and will be provided as long as the public water does not meet treatment requirements."

This conflicts with the Snyder Administration's claim that they were not aware of the problems with Flint's water until October of 2015. But what about that email to the Governor last summer about 'blowing off' Flint residents? Watch how Snyder dodges that question during this CNN interview earlier this week. What do you think he'll say about this new development?

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