It's been a long time coming, but the documentary based on the Flint Water Crisis finally will make it to the big screen. Nearly after 8 years since the crisis started, FLINT: Who Can You Trust? will tell the story of the water crisis that made national news.

It was first reported back in February 2020 that actor Alec Baldwin would be narrating the documentary chronicling the drinking water disaster directed by Anthony Baxter. At that time the goal was to have the film air on the BBC after a U.K. theatrical release and then make its world premiere in October of 2020 at the Hamptons Film Festival. Then the pandemic struck.

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Delays for the big release first started in June 2020, when the release dates were paused as most films were during the COVID-19 pandemic. Then in October of last year, it was reported that the British production company behind the documentary was postponing the planned U.S. theatrical release after the narrator actor Alec Baldwin shot and killed a cinematographer with a prop gun on the set of the film Rust.

Now that the dust has settled and the world is getting back to normal, the film is once again scheduled for release. According to Deadline, the film will hit theaters the end of April, aligning right with the 8th Anniversary of the start of the water crisis in Flint. The film is set for its big debut in New York and Los Angeles on April 29th.

The film will soon make its way to other cities and make its digital debut in May sometime. There are also plans to bring the film to Flint for a showing as well, but that date has not yet been confirmed.

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