Will Obamacare be upheld as Constitutional by the Supreme Court?  If so, how much will it REALLY cost?  Will healthcare have to be rationed?

These questions, it turns out, are too short-sighted.  If we can make it just another 20 years or so, we may not need Obamacare.  Nanobots, microscopic robots the size of red blood cells with molecular circuitry, will course through our veins keeping us free from disease and prolonging our lives dramatically.

But won’t they be expensive?  Won’t we need Obamacare to pay for them?  Not if the “utility function” we assign to their design is “economic success.”  As Ray Kurzweil envisions it they will be developed more along the model of computer technology than health care technology.  For example, I got a home traction unit for my neck (doctor prescribed, government regulated, third party payer, insurance based) that cost $400.  My new smart phone was $100 (market based--with service plan, of course).  The home traction unit consists of a small inclined base that slides up and down, a foam covered head rest cradle, a Velcro strap, and a hand pump.  If I could get it at Wal-Mart it’d be $29.95

Who doesn’t have a smart phone?  In the same way, eventually everyone will have nanobots.  You can wait for the Android version.

What do you think?