To understand what is going on in Washington D.C., requires one to assign new meaning to well established words while willfully disbelieving what our lying eyes see. This is the hope of the Obama administration along with his supporters in congress, the media, interest groups and some in the general public. Were this not the case, the answers would outnumber the questions in the matter of the IRS, Benghazi, The Veterans Administration Hospital, Bowe Berghdahl, Obamacare and Illegals crossing the border. These are but a few of the “scandals” facing the country and each has a common denominator. The current administration’s determination to” get to the bottom of the situation and do all in their power to make sure it is corrected and not happen again!”

To further explain (pick your impending crisis), we are told by the President that his knowledge of said crisis came to his attention through media reports newspaper or television, and he is “shocked and dismayed” to learn these things. It is this statement which requires a willing suspension of disbelief. The President of The United States has at his disposal information about any subject 24 hours a day. To put this in perspective, prior to a White House visit by a championship sports team, the President is briefed as to the statistics of the team and various topics of trivia to discuss with the team during the photo shoot. The same occurs before a state dinner with visiting dignitaries. But in matters of true importance and those which fall in the category of his actual job description, somehow he is “unaware and uninformed.”

If a business owner, chief executive or manager of any company was this clueless as to the operation of his business he would soon be out of business or out of a job. Granted working in private business is different than government service, but in both, accountability must rest with the person named as the boss. As is the case in any large organization certain tasks and responsibilities are delegated with the understanding the ultimate goals of the ‘boss’ will be obtained. How the goals are reached is left up to the manager, but the goal remains that of the top person in charge therefore the buck must stop at the top.

In the current scandals facing the country brought on by this administration we are being asked to believe incidents merely ‘happened’ and took everyone by surprise. Even when the evidence clearly shows the cause is a result of implemented policy, the first response by this administration is to look for a scapegoat and when that fails, look for another one while blaming previous administrations. How about admitting an error in judgment or implementing bad policy? Yet innocent citizens are jailed, citizens are targeted as criminals because of political differences and our freedom to engage or not in private contracts are usurped due to our choices in health care. The health of those who served the country was disregarded for personal gain and all of us are in jeopardy because the need to satisfy a political promise gave freedom to an enemy of the state. The ability of these punitive actions and initiatives to just ‘happen’ under the nose of the most tech savvy and ‘hip’ president ever strains credulity. I submit they occurred with his welcomed approval, evidenced by the absence of accountability of his subordinates when the scandal erupts. The packaged response to each incident is to feign outrage and investigate fully. And when pressed for concrete answers to explain hard facts we are told to stop making unnecessary noise about something that is not so serious.

So now that we have been placated with yet another great speech and the cockles of our hearts warmed by pictures of the first family embarking on their next family outing, life can go on as we await further instruction and distraction. Not so fast. While some are fooled by the barking carnival ringmaster, this type of arrogance has awakened the true patriots in America, and hastened them to action. Superior intellect is not required to understand the charade, neither are we fooled by the glitz and glamour of fabricated theatre. Common sense and reverence for the nation trumps political hubris.  It is the phoniness of the excuses offered as cover which has expedited the disrobing of the emperor.

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