Jackie Stratton owns and manages Sun-N-Surf Tanning in Grand Blanc.  When the Affordable Care Act passed, Obamacare, she also became a tax collector for the IRS.  A tax on tanning is one of the taxes put in place to fund the federal mandate.

At one time, Jackie had 3 tanning salons.  She now has one.  Business is slow and the new 10% federal tax, on top of the 6% Michigan sales tax, hasn’t helped.

Business was already slow, and it is a struggle just to meet payroll and keep the doors open.  The additional 10% tax has also had an impact on her business.  The IRS collects the new tanning tax quarterly and Jackie uses an accountant to make sure she is doing the paperwork correctly.  But, with business slowing she fell behind on the quarterly payments.  Now she is making monthly payments to the IRS, including penalties and interest.  And the IRS has threatened to seize her assets.

Jackie Stratton is a small business owner struggling to keep her business open as the IRS threatens to seize her assets over the Obamacare taxes she owes.  We asked if she is a millionaire.  “I’m not even a thousand-aire,” she told us with a slight laugh.  We asked Jackie how she felt, collecting taxes for the IRS, and falling behind:

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