Jackie Stratton, owner of Sun N Surf Tanning in Grand Blanc, must be a millionaire because she has not been paying her fair share in taxes.  In case you didn’t know, tanning salons are one of the businesses specifically targeted by the Obama Administration to help cover the cost of Obamacare.  Originally, botox was going to be taxed, but botox is  administered by plastic surgeons, and plastic surgeons are apparently well represented in Washington.


One might think, given the President’s concern for the middle class over the wealthy, that they might have stuck with the botox tax to help fund Obamacare, since tanning salons tend to be very small businesses owned by people who are firmly in the middle class.  Maybe plastic surgeons are even more middle class.


Regardless, the decision was made and now the IRS is threatening to seize the assets of Sun N Surf Tanning for falling behind over the slow summer months in paying this new tax.  It was important for the administration to get started collecting the taxes even before most of the benefits take effect, in order to make the accounting sleight of hand work; 10 years worth of taxes against 6 years worth of benefits makes the plan look down right affordable at just a trillion dollar deficit.


So the IRS is doing its part collecting all those new taxes from those like Jackie Stratton, who works two other jobs in addition to owning and managing her salon, but still doesn’t manage to pay her fair share.  She will now; the IRS is seeing to that.



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