She's just created her 2,600th mask.

Nancy Husted has been spending her time during the pandemic sewing masks. She's a retiree who lives in Grand Rapids and, any time that she has a free moment or on nights that she can't sleep, she's up making masks.

“I started doing this just to make them for family and friends that I knew were immune-compromised or in the health care field,” Nancy told WOOD-TV 8. “And it’s just ballooned.”

Luckily, since the start of the pandemic, fabric stores have reopened and Nancy is like a kid in a candy store. She said that she's spending $200 at a time on fun fabrics to make different masks.

Those include police-themed masks, which she made for the Grand Rapids Police Department (and she got a pretty sweet shout-out from them, too).

A southeast side resident went beyond the call of duty, to supply the GRPD with designer face-masks. Nancy H. made 300 masks for our officers, in addition to 60 masks for kids. These police themed masks are both stylish and comfortable. To date Nancy, who is pictured with Intern McCord, has made 2600 masks and has donated them not only to the police department, but has also created designs for the fire department, local hospitals and city schools. Thank you Nancy for your kindness and generosity!

She's also been making them for healthcare workers and local schools; she says it's her way of paying it forward.

Is anybody else wondering if she's got arthritis from all the sewing already? Ha! Thanks for all you do, Nancy!

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