Well, that's one way to do it.

Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to the tiny village of Augusta, Michigan. It sits quietly in Kalamazoo County with a population of less than 900 people. It's about seven miles south of Battle Creek.

And, in a year that has been crazier than any before it, Augusta had their own issues during the 2020 election - a tie for the title of Village President.

Incumbent Village President John Thomas was running against Village Trustee Heather Bowers in the race, Both candidates received 199 votes. So, what happens in this situation in a small village in Michigan?

You draw a name. Yes, really.


The village clerk, Tim Snow, drew Thomas's name. It's not clear if the names were in a hat or a raffle drum, but we are genuinely curious. Furthermore, Heather Bowers still has the right to request a recount through next Monday but, according to WOOD-TV, she has not done so...yet.

Apparently, this is a little-known Michigan law about elections: when there is a 50/50 tie, the decision is made by drawing a name, giving each candidate an equal chance.

Let's be honest, there are very few 50/50 ties in ANY election, so this was definitely NOT the normal outcome. In case you're wondering, there were four write-in candidates. And, if you do the math, that means that barely half of the population of Augusta voted in the election overall.


Personally, if I was on the ballot, I'd prefer a hat. Or possibly drawing straws? Is that fair enough?

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