This past Sunday on TV5’s Weekend Talk Back segment, I suggested that Republicans should give the President whatever he wants.  Don’t try to block votes, don’t add controversial amendments, and don’t whip party members to oppose his program.  The President closed the sale; no use chasing people out of the store trying to sell them a different model.

Brenda characterized this as taking the ball and going home.  Not at all.  Might be leaving the game, but it is certainly not taking the ball.  Republicans disagree over the direction the President wants to take the country but they didn’t earn the right to chart the path.  They have every right to express their disagreement, suggest the alternative approach they would pursue, refuse to participate in any compromise that would suggest they are lending their seal of approval, and point out any problems that emerge as a result.  Otherwise, stand aside and let the President lead away.   I think Brenda may actually be afraid of this.  But that’s what the people who voted for Obama deserve.  Richly.

It’s time to find out how the President’s policies work.  Ok, I admit I think we have already found out.  But that’s not what a majority of Americans think.  They may not be happy with the shape the country is in, but so far they blame Republicans (it’s Bush’s fault, it’s the Tea Party, it’s obstructionist Republicans in Congress) more than the President.  Anyway, they re-elected him.  So no more excuses; let’s see if people really like the result.  If they don’t, Republicans can be the free exchange party, no receipt necessary, no questions asked.

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