The United States Postal Service isn't the only way to cast an absentee ballot.

COVID-19 hasn't stopped the American people from voting, but it's definitely not making the process easier, either - voters are understandably nervous about waiting in line with others for, what could be hours, to cast their vote.

The USPS has come under intense scrutiny in recent months; after a change in Postmaster General, service has slowed down considerably since the pandemic took hold of the world a few months back.

Now, with millions of people wanting to vote by mail to avoid exposing themselves to the coronavirus, said people are also wary about doing so. They're concerned that their ballots will not arrive in time and/or not be counted.

In fact, Michigan has made the list of 46 states where absentee ballots are in danger of not being counted due to the changes recently made to the USPS.

Never fear, Michiganders - did you know that there are 900 ballot box locations in our state? Yes, you can still vote absentee (news flash - absentee voting and voting-by-mail are the same thing, even if politicians want you to think otherwise) without worrying about the USPS.

In fact, there are more than 20 ballot box locations right here in Genesee County alone. All you have to do is drop your absentee ballot in during business hours.

Not in Genesee County? Not a problem - click HERE for the full list of ballot drop box locations in the state. Make sure that your voice is heard and counted, ladies and germs!

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