Well, that's embarrassing. While the results of the last big election are still "discussed" heavily on social media and around the dinner table, a Michigan news station just threw a little gas on the fire to the argument regarding election results.

The Kalamazoo-based station, WMMT News Channel 3, reported via a post in detail the election results of the Primary election for the Republican Party which included the Governor and U.S. Republican House Seats for Districts 2, 3, and 5. They diligently reported percentages of the wins as well as solidified that 100% of the precincts were reporting. Pretty much cut and dry, right? Yeah, no.

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The problem is, the election hasn't happened yet, and won't until August 2, 2022, over a week away. The huge "oops" moment didn't go unnoticed, and we're sure just added insult to injury when it comes to the credibility of elections and how the media reports results. Michigan residents haven't forgotten issues such as the 2020 issue when a failure to properly update software caused a computer glitch that lead to massive errors in unofficial election results reported from Antrim county. 

The results were immediately deleted, and WMMT News Channel 3 did respond... sort of. When questioned how they had results of a Primary Election that hadn't even taken place yet, the news outlet responded,

"An affiliate is testing our election system"

To which the inquirer asked, "Who's the affiliate?". As far as we know, there was no reply. Hmmm.

Photo: Gateway Pundit Facebook article Brian Lupo
Photo: Gateway Pundit Facebook article Brian Lupo

Oh, and just in case you're wondering about the "results" according to WMMT, Tudor Dixon won the primary for Governor with 47% of the votes. If you search the results now, it goes to a blank page.

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