This was definitely a birthday that she'll never forget.

Pagealynn Thompson was patiently waiting for her 11th birthday party to start a couple of weeks ago - her friends had all RSVP'd. Then, her mom got a phone call from the girls on speakerphone, saying that it was a prank and they wouldn't be attending.

Her mom, who works at Great Clips in Petoskey, told her coworkers what happened and they sprang into action. At first, they were going to cut and style her hair. Then, they got a photographer. And the event got bigger and bigger until it became a full-fledged party.

Gifts and cards poured in as staff at the salon posted about the party on Facebook. Pagealynn thought she was just accompanying her dad to get a haircut - needless to say, she was surprised. She and her mom are sending thank you cards to everybody who was involved.

More, more and MORE of this please!

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