Literally a case of a stranger paying it forward.

Rayden Jones is a delivery driver for Happy's Pizza in Port Huron. He stopped at the high school to drop off an order and, within minutes, his car had been stolen.

A man named Kevin Lindke was driving on the highway and saw the car getting on to the ramp going the wrong way, so he called police. The car thief was a woman with mental problems; she sideswiped another car and then left it in the ditch and ran. Lindke got out of his car, ran after her and convinced her to stop and wait for the police.

The next day, he found out that the car belonged to a pizza delivery driver. He called the Happy's where the guy works and talked to the manager, who said that Jones is a great employee. That's when Lindke decided to give him the minivan that he was going to sell.

Jones told WDIV Click On Detroit that the vehicle is a "godsend."

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