Michigan Lieutenant Governor Brian Calley signed a $330 million supplemental budget on Friday that will help fix winter road damage, fund vital mental health services and support the Office for New Americans.

In a statement Calley said "while Michigan is still in need of a comprehensive road funding and maintenance program, the money provided in the supplemental will definitely benefit local governments and drivers as we work to fix the potholes and other road problems brought on by the harsh winter."

The supplemental budget includes $100 million specifically dedicated for treating potholes and other winter-related upkeep. Another $115 is earmarked for priority construction projects that begin July 1st.

Additionally, the supplemental budget will provide $76 million to the Department of Community Health which will help ensure that 52,000 residents continue to receive mental health services.

The Office of New Americans, which Governor Snyder created by Executive Order in January after the State of the State address, received $170,000. The office will work to attract legal immigrants with advanced academic degrees or entrepreneurial aspirations to the state in hopes of creating more and better jobs.

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