Michigan has found a way to lower gas prices for the average Michigander by suspending the federal gas tax for six months. Unfortunately, half of that federal gas tax is used for pothole repair in Michigan.

Eager to ease the pain at the pump, the state Senate passed a bill to pause the gas tax for six months, saving Michiganders about 27 cents per gallon, but there is a potential problem.


Emily Kizer, a spokesperson for the Washtenaw County Road Commission says the gax tax helps to fund road maintenance, that means pothole patching, materials and road projects. Source:WXYZ.com 

That's probably the worst news I've heard this year so far. Less money for pothole repairs? I can barely drive down the street now and 50% of the revenue is being cut? I understand trying to save money at the pump, but I need to be able to drive without destroying my car. Just last week I hit a pothole hidden in heavy rain and I immediately caught a flat. So yea, I'm saving money on gas, but that extra money is going towards new tires and rims because the potholes are literally destroying my car...

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