Gas has reached a record high in Michigan with the going rate being $4.31 a gallon it looks like it's gonna be a rough summer!

I had a feeling things were just gonna get worse with prices. The war in Ukraine is the perfect excuse to keep raising gas prices. Who knew that the ripple effect would hit our pockets so hard. In a minute everything you do will correlate to higher gas prices. I really don't see a way out besides buying an EV (electric vehicle), but car prices are so outrageous right now you are better off catching the bus.

Gas prices in Michigan hit a record high overnight after jumping about 30 cents in the last week.


The statewide average for regular unleaded gas now sits at $4.31 a gallon. That's up 30 cents in just the past week.

I wouldn't be surprised if we hit $5 a gallon by June at this rate. Prices jumping $.30 cent a week is insane! When did prices get so bold to hop up to record high levels? This whole market inflation is pointing toward one thing, an eventual market crash. You don't have to be a financial wizard to read the writing on the wall. I'm afraid to even drive my car nowadays because I feel like it's a scam. Gas prices like this will lead to the destruction of the middle class, and the sad part is that I don't really see a way out. Besides buying a horse.

Here's a look at some of the best gas prices in Genesee County.

$4.29 Sunoco G4015 Flint, MI

$4.29 Marathon 1680 Chevrolet Flint, MI 

$4.29 BP 4006 Clio Rd Flint MI

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