Earlier this week a cat turned up on my porch. I thought the cat was just stopping by. Mr. Orange (that is what I named him) stayed for five days. I posted his cute picture on a community page to try and locate his family. Unfortunately, no one came forward claiming him - but many people in my neighborhood wanted him.

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I am happy to report that Mr. Orange (now named Bailey) was taken in by a very nice couple in my neighborhood. That was possible because of the community Facebook page I posted his picture on.

If you live in the Lapeer and or Lapeer County area - there is a specific Facebook page where you can report lost or found pets. Lapeer's Missing Pets Facebook page is now open for business.

Losing a pet is the worst feeling in the world. It does not make you a bad pet parent either by the way. Sometimes dogs and cats run off - it happens. Having a Facebook page like Lapeer's Missing Pets will only help you find your pet that much sooner.

You know as well as I do, social media is full of BS - however in instances like losing or finding a pet, it can be used for good. Posting a flyer is a thing of the past, post your missing pet on the facey spacey.

Here is to many happy pet reunions throughout Lapeer County. If you are thinking of getting a pet other than a dog or a cat, check out my gallery below of Unique Pets You Can Legally Own In Michigan.

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