Great news for Michigan drivers, Michigan drivers with insurance I should say. We are getting an insurance refund - yeah! What is unclear at this time is how much are we insured drivers getting and when will we get it?

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According to FOX 17, the Michigan Catastrophic Fund Association board voted unanimously yesterday in favor of issuing Michiganders the refunds yesterday, Wednesday, November 3rd.

I don't know about your insurance carrier but during the pandemic my insurance bill dropped and it continues too. Believe me, I did not complain. Maybe they will make up the cost somehow, but like I said - no complaints, I did not say a word. Did the same thing happen with your insurance carrier? I could be over here feeling all special, while everyone had a rate decrease on their bill too.

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer was an advocate of this refund, and issued the following statement after the vote by the board yesterday,

'As we continue to put Michiganders first, I am always working to find ways to lower costs and use every resource we have to help Michiganders thrive.


It is great news that the Michigan Catastrophic Claims Association has swiftly taken action in response to my letter this week to begin the process of issuing refund checks to help drive down the costs and produce savings for Michiganders with auto insurance.


Michiganders have paid into the catastrophic care fund for decades, and these funds from the $5 billion surplus belong in the pockets of Michigan policyholders.'

Regardless if you are a fan or not of Governor Whitmer, I am quite confident every insured Michigan driver will be cashing their refund check. I will keep you updated as more information is released as to when the refund checks are in the mail so to speak.

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