Talk about taking "has it all" to a whole other level, this estate pretty much blows your mind when it comes to amenities.

Located in Battle Creek, the home is currently listed for $4.9 million. What exactly does that kind of bankroll get you? Well, listen up, because it's pretty impressive, unique, and interesting at the same time.

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The multi-level home is 14,000 square feet and sits on 323 acres of private property that includes a fully stocked 9-acre lake, 3 additional homes located around the property as well as access to 4 additional lakes. Adding to the compound, because basically, that's what it is, is a 7,200 square foot outbuilding with roughed in-floor heating, plus an amazing state-of-the-art greenhouse built for self-sustainability. Who needs the outside world, right?

Speaking of the outside world, just in case it goes crazy with a zombie apocalypse or something, the current owners have that covered too. The estate comes with a 5000-square-foot underground bunker. Not just any bunker, but one built for maximum security and sustainability. From the looks of the pictures, it has all the comforts of home including an area for growing produce.

As if the home and all it entails isn't enough, they always say in real estate "location, location, location". Well, the estate has that too, perfectly situated between Chicago and Detroit, and just a short commute to Battle Creek and Kalamazoo.

Ready to make an offer? Contact the listed agent here. In the meantime check out this incredible property, bunker and all, below.

Mega Michigan Estate with Underground Bunker and More

Talk about having everything! This mega Michigan estate located in Battle Creek is on the market for $6.5 million and comes complete with a 14,000 square foot home overlooking a stocked 9-acre private lake, access to 4 additional lakes. The home has every amenity you need from spacious kitchen, home theater, and a closet you dream about in the master suite.The is even a 5,000 square foot underground security bunker. If that's not enough, the property has 3 additional homes all included on this compound. From a stone cottage, to a modern flair vibe home, there is room for all your friends and family.


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