The House of Charm sits on Lake St. Clair, and despite its unique history, it's the actual throne in the bathroom that's getting the most attention.

The unique location of the house is just the start of quirky little things hidden inside. With more than 250 feet of private lake frontage and panoramic views, it would be easy to spend a day just looking out at the water.  The house has 5,000 square feet with three bedrooms and five bathrooms.

With all this water and space the house comes with a pretty steep price tag of $1.2 Million.

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Why is it called The House of Charm?

The former owner was a woman named Edyth Fern Melrose, who was known as the "Lady of Charm." In 1929 she became the first woman in America to become a radio station manager. This lead to her having her own show called, "The Lady of Charm."

Melrose eventually took her show to a Detroit radio station, and that's when she moved into The Charm House. The house took on the name because Melrose would often do her show from the house.

If you're curious about the show, it was similar to the kind of show that Martha Stewart hosted.

What's so unique about the bathrooms?

There are 5 bathrooms in the house, and each of them is a little different. One has a giant leaf sink, while another has a copper tub on wheels. The bathroom that has most people talking though boasts an actual throne for the throne.

Yes, the toilet is an actual throne!

Check out the pictures of the house below, and if you're interested in sitting on the throne, you can contact the real estate agent here.

The House of Charm Gives You A Very Unique Throne Experience

The House of Charm is located on Lake Saint Clair and is definitely one of a kind. The unique house got its name from the "Lady of Charm" Edyth Fern Melrose, who hosted her cooking show in the house. The House has some very unique bathroom features, including a literal throne in the throne room.

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