Gun violence is everywhere in the United States including right here in Lansing, Michigan.

How can any U.S. citizen feel completely safe these days simply because gun violence is out of control.

I just wrote a post about gun violence in Grand Rapids at a local park where 3 people were injured, one of them in critical condition.

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And here in the Lansing area alone, there have been 14 gun deaths within the last 6 months.

At this point, we can completely understand why Lansing Mayor Andy Shor would like the City Council to approve hiring 5 more police officers to help with city crime gun violence.

According to WILX:

Schor plans on hiring five new officers to the department, but council member Kathie Dunbar believes adding more officers isn't going to solve the problem.  "Study after study shows that increasing patrol officers does not prevent gun violence, "Dunbar said. "Gun violence goes down when you reduce poverty and reduce inequity."

Whether or not they decide to hire 5 more police officers, I personally think more has to be done to stop gun violence.

They need to focus on stricter measures when it comes to buying any type of firearms.  Background checks should be a high priority because it's just to easy for just about anyone to buy hand guns or rifles.

My brother and my dad are both retired police officers from the Lansing Police Department.  My dad put in 30 years and my brother put in 25 years before retiring.  They both put in the time to protect and serve in the line of duty.  They both can't believe that gun violence is such a serious problem in not only Lansing, but across the United States.

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