It was just another day at the office until it wasn't.

A Bay City woman can thank one of her coworkers for saving her life when she began choking on food in the breakroom at work.

What Happened?

Laura Norman is the human resources director at Michigan Brand. She explained to WNEM-TV 5 how things unfolded in the video below when her coworker Tori Liss saved Grace Bradford's life.

“She was eating an orange and it got stuck in her throat. The lady to her right mentioned, ‘I think she’s choking.’" Norman said. "And Tori stood up and jumped into action."

Tori performed the Heimlich maneuver on her coworker, dislodging the food.

Norman went on to praise Liss for her bravery and quick thinking.

“She was brave to do it. I think most people are afraid to step in," Norman said. "And they don’t want to hurt anybody, they don’t want to be embarrassed. Not Tori."


Rewarded for Her Bravery

Liss' employer is taking notice and recognizing her for her actions. Michigan Brand has since awarded Liss with a certificate of appreciation and a $500 check.

Norman tells WNEM that she shared the footage from the company's security system with Michigan Brand's owners and they were quick to note that without her quick actions, things could have ended much differently.

Norman calls Liss 'an everyday hero.'

Watch the video in the player below.

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