Bryson Kiliman loves his dog, Bruce. And the 8-year-old from Taylor Michigan would do anything to save his pup's life.

So when Bryson learned how much money his parents were going to have to fork over for vet bills for his sick pooch, he decided it was time to sacrifice something he loves.

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Bryson decided to sell his Pokemon cards.

How Sick is Bryson's Dog?

The boy's four-month-old puppy Bruce was diagnosed with Canine parvovirus, often referred to as parvo. Parvo is a treatable infection but it should be taken seriously.

Bruce spent several days in the vet's care, so the costs to the family were more than they could afford.

Bryson tells WDIV in the video below that he noticed a change in the pup's behavior.

“He didn’t want to play one day,” Bryson said. “Then he started to get slower and he didn’t want to play.”

Bryson loves Pokemon

Bryson really loves Pokemon, his grandfather, David Cole tells Detroit TV station WDIV.

“Every year when he comes up for his birthdays, for Christmas, for whatever, when we take him shopping and stuff like that it’s Pokémon, Pokémon, Pokémon,” Cole said. “For him to get rid of them is something huge.”

So Bryson began selling his Pokemon cards at a stand on the side of the road. His family helped him set up a GoFundMe page.

Bryson Hopes to Help Other Families

Now the boy is endeavoring to help other families who are struggling to pay vet bills. His family will hold a fundraiser at Warpzone Comics in Riverview. More details on the event are here.

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