If you live in Grand Blanc, you're well aware of the traffic situation that people living on Bella Vista Drive have to endure every single day. It's been an issue for years.

The neighborhood on Bella Vista Drive sits between Perry Road and Kroger where you'll find a constant flow of traffic. For people like me, it's a quick and easy way to get to Kroger or Holly Road. However, it can be a real nuisance for those living on Bella Vista.

The real issue people are having is the inconsiderate drivers that are speeding and driving through stop signs. I see people flying through that neighborhood all the time. Some people just don't take into account the number of kids that live on Bella Vista.

One Grand Blanc resident went to social media this week to complain about the issue:

PSA for those living in, visiting or cutting through Kirkridge or Bella Vista neighborhoods….
The speed limit is 25 (max)
Stop signs are NOT suggestions- complete STOPS required. This especially applies to Bella Vista Drive but as well as throughout the neighborhoods.
Someone else found the post to be a bit ironic:
It's ironic isn't it...people that live on that road complained about fast traffic 20 years ago and the city put in speed bumps large enough to park a car on. Then 10 years go by and the people that live there are sick of them and they were removed. Now...they are sick of fast traffic again!
It's funny because I didn't even realize those speed bumps were gone. When were they removed? I drive through there all the time and didn't realize they were gone (or just forgot) until I read that guy's comment. Is that guy correct, did the city really remove them because people in the neighborhood complained?
At the end of the day, people just need to slow down when driving through that neighborhood. A kid could run out in front of a car at any moment. Unfortunately, it's an accident waiting to happen.

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