Located in Sawyer, Michigan, this Airbnb offers the ultimate camping experience for the camper that's not really into traditional camping.

When it comes to camping, I have zero interest in "roughing it." You won't find me climbing into a sleeping bag on the cold hard ground when it's time for bed. If I'm not sleeping in a cabin, with running water, and electricity...I'm out. However, after looking at this Airbnb Outpost tent, I might be down for a little glamping.

For $115.00 a night you can stay in this 16' Outpost bell tent that sits on five acres near Lake Michigan and is within walking distance to downtown Sawyer.

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Inside the tent you'll find a few chairs, end tables, rugs, and a cozy bed. Forget that sleeping bag, this is the way to go.

There's also an outdoor solar shower with a little bit of privacy. By little bit of privacy, I mean a shower curtain and that's it. I guess if you're sleeping in the middle of nowhere, you're surrounded by privacy. It's not provided in the photos below but apparently there is also an outdoor toilet. I'm assuming it's an outhouse or something like that.

There's also a cool little outdoor kitchen for preparing food and doing dishes.

It really looks like a cool and unique spot to simply get away from everything and unplug for awhile.

To be totally honest, I didn't even know Airbnb tents were a thing.

Check Out This Airbnb Tent in Michigan

If you're looking to go camping but you really don't want to rough it too much, this Airbnb tent might be perfect for you.

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