I don't exactly recall what I was doing at age 12, but I am quite sure it was not as cool as what one Michigan 12-year-old boy does every Friday morning for first responders in Farmington Hills.

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Meet Oliver Strickfaden. Since October 2021, Oliver has been playing the national anthem at the Farmington Hills city complex. The talented musician makes his rounds to play in front of city hall, and the Farmington Hills Police and Fire Department. As you will see in the video below, snow or shine - Oliver arrives every Friday morning at 7:15 AM to play 'The Star-Spangled Banner' on his saxophone.

Word of this young man's talent has spread and everyday people are showing up to listen to him play too. How wonderful is that? According to WXYZ, Oliver is going to start doing national anthem dedications on Friday mornings too. The first dedication will honor a family who lost two brothers during World War II. You can send Oliver a request for a dedication at oliverplaysforvets@gmail.com. Tell me you are tearing up right now too? This kid rules.

It really is something to watch him play for members of the Farmington Hills Police Department. Shout out to Oliver's uncle for taking him to the city complex every Friday, you deserve some thanks as well. It sounds like you will be chauffering Oliver for many Fridays to come.

I just remembered what I was doing at 12-years-old, and I was right - it was nothing as awesome as this.

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