And now, the foster closet needs help finding a new home.

Foster Closet Tuscola County branch has been housed in the Millington Junior High School building for the last few years, at no cost. The closet provides clothes for kids in foster homes in the area; they service about 25 children every month.

Foster parent Cynthia Willman says that, without the closet, she wouldn't be able to take in these children. Willman says that you have to "start from scratch" with each one that comes through the door.

Now, here's where we hope that the power of social media will take over - the foster closet needs a new location as of June 2020.

The city passed a millage in the last election, and the school district will be moving students into that building. If they don't get a new location, there will be no foster closet.

Can you help, or know somebody who can?

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