The required dress code for one Carman Ainsworth freshman is a HAZMAT suit. David Wright's grandmother insists the boy don the protective gear before heading to school in order to avoid bedbugs.

Wright said he was given a choice:  Wear the protective suit, or strip down in the garage after school. The boy is also not allowed to bring his backpack into the house.

[SIC] "My grandma don't want me to bring the bedbugs home," he said. "She is a nurse and she works at multiple people's houses and she can't bring it into her job."

On Monday, Carman Ainsworth sent a letter to parents acknowledging the presence of bedbugs at the school and urging parents to seek medical attention for their students or themselves if they had any health concerns.

David Wright tells NBC-25 he sees the bugs every day at school on floors, walls, and books, but doesn't harbor any ill will.

"It's nobody's fault that our school has it," Wright said. "It just needs to be taken care of."

The district said it is working with a licensed pest control company and wants to help provide resources to families who may be dealing with the problem at their homes.

According to WEYI, state law prohibits schools from turning students away if they are affected by a bedbug problem and that such an infestation does not warrant canceling school.

But until the problem is gone, Wright will be suiting up before heading to school.

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